Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 | Winter 2017

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With neutrals still all the trend, Zoya's third installment of their ultra popular Naturel Collection is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  What I particularly love about this set is that it's the perfect winter to spring transitional collection, with a nice array of wintry plummy browns into more spring-like mauvey pink and minky nudes.  All six polishes are creme formulas and have the same fabulous Zoya standards.  I'll note any colors that needed more than 2 coats but given the shades, I doubt you'll be surprised.

I also tried a different swatch pose for these just because I wanted something a bit different.  My only complaint is that the lighting I used gave my hands a lot of red tones and washed my colors out a bit.  However, the polishes did stay color accurate (small miracles given my problems with lighting lately).  So bear with me as I try for new things!

The most classic brown in the collection, Gina covered perfectly in two easy coats.


A vanilla nude, Tatum was pretty opaque for such a light shade.  Only two coats for this perfect spring color!


This dusty mauve pink was more on the sheerer side and required three coats for the opacity you see here.  It's pretty close to the undertones in my skin so while I find it gorgeous in the bottle, I think it washes me out quite a bit.  This color will suit someone with darker skin much better as I'm sure it will just pop on them.


I was actually surprised at the raisin undertones in this brown polish, giving this a dark, bruisier color.  One of my favorites from the collection, this applied perfectly in two buttery coats!


Now we're talking!  This pink toned nude complements and does not compete with my skintone so of course I love it.  I can see this being universally flattering on everyone except those whose skintone is an exact match (similar to my Jill situation).  And also similar to Jill, the formula was on the sheerer and runnier side so three thinner coats will do the trick to avoid bald spots.


The darkest brown of the bunch, Debbie has a touch of purple in its base which keeps it a bit chicer than Gina in my opinion.  The formula wasn't as smooth and easy to work with (as you can see from the not as even cuticle lines) but that's not to say it wasn't still an excellent formula.  Working with Zoya is still head and shoulders above most so I really can't complain.  And with a collection like this, I'm pretty floored to be honest.  Just something for everyone that reflects the trends!  Gotta love Zoya!


You can purchase the Naturel 3 Collection by clicking here.


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