Monday, January 2, 2017

Sally Hansen New Shades | Winter 2016/2017

In catching up with my swatching, I'm finding that the lighting in my new apartment just is not as good as the natural light I had readily available before getting married three months ago.  While I of course love my husband, I miss the big bay windows in the living room that gave me unfettered access to amazing sunlight to take my pictures.  These days, as I'm creating a new blog schedule, I've found myself curled up in convoluted positions all over the apartment attempting to capture random lighting angles I hope will work, buying Hue lightbulbs with millions of lighting options, using my shadow box, not using the shadow box, and whatever other option I can think of to recreate my previous lighting situations. 

In essence, my ramblings are basic a preambled apology for the lackluster quality of the swatches below.  They should in no way reflect the quality of the polishes and only in my limited ability to learn new photography tricks since I was so lucky beforehand with natural lighting.  

I'll stop now and just let you look at what you really came for: the nail polish.  Briefly, these new colors for winter reflect the perfect wardrobe collection, with chic neutrals and deeper tones to express your mood during the colder months.  Take a look!

Society Ruler
A winter collection is not complete without some burgundy, so this oxblood creme is a must have for anyone without a rich, deep shade like this already in his or her stash.  The formula was okay, tending to pool a bit in the cuticles if I took too much on my brush -- a problem I rarely have with the Complete Salon Manicure brand.  And despite the redness that was hard to remove despite multiple attempts of acetone over a few days (yup, I wore this as a full mani and loved it, but kept at trying to rid myself of that red you can make out in the sidewalls of my ring and pinkie), the polish actually did not stain one bit when fully removed.  So all in all, A-/B+ for this beauty. 

Freedom of Peach
Despite the name, I'm not quite sure I'd classify this creme a peach.  More of a muted tangerine or a dusty mango, Freedom of Peach is different take on a neutral and not necessarily something I would find myself gravitating towards naturally - or during this season for that matter.  However, the color is rather delicate and refreshing without any pastel-leanings and the formula was perfection and covered perfectly in 2 coats. 


World is My Oyster
Riding the rose gold train, World is My Oyster captures the essence of the metallic of the season in a bottle here.  The shame of it all, however, is the brushstrokey finish that leaves this more frosty than a classy champagne with an antiqued rose tone.  


Mauvin' on Up
Perhaps my favorite from this foursome is this delicate dusty pink.  While mauve is in the name, I'm not sure it definitely falls into that category per se but it's not quite a baby/pastel pink either.  The formula was super easy and not at all chalky, making this a chic, fresh pink that's great for this time of the year.  

The two other polishes from this release I was not sent to swatch are Hooked on Onyx, described as a "glossy black," and Devil Wears Nada, a "neutral pink-beige," both keeping in line with this neutral chic collection's tonality.  

These shades are available now wherever Sally Hansen is sold.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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