Sunday, January 1, 2017

Barry M. Island Fever

Happy New Year!

I was in London visiting family about a month ago and despite telling myself I was not going to pick up polish, I of course came home with a few beauties that are unavailable Stateside.  

Barry M. is like SinfulColors of the UK.  Affordable and readily available at Superdrugs and Boots drugstores, I'm not just a fan of their color selections (while not wide ranging, always chic), but of their deals (buy 3, get 1 free, etc.).  For what the British pound at least used to be compared to the US dollar, Barry M. was a really cheap option to pick up while I was visiting family.

This visit, I picked up 2 or 3 of their Coconut Infusion polishes which are supposed to be enriched with the "it oil" of the moment.  Coming off of my last post, I guess I'm getting into all the healthier ingredients especially since the formulas appear to not have changed at all.  In fact, Island Fever applied ridiculously easily with no pooling or getting anywhere on my cuticles -- a marvel for a red polish.  And even more of a wonder: I wore this mani for nearly a week with no chipping!

I love the pinky undertones to this red creme which are perfect for fall and winter to me and tone down any yellowness I might have in my cuticles from dry skin or cuticle issues.  

The one MAJOR downside to this polish was removal.  This baby stained like a mofo.  My nails were okayish, just kind of pink toned, but my cuticles and finger tips were red for at least four days.  I mean, people commented, it was evidently that bad.  I guess I'm so used to that happening from time to time it doesn't even phase me anymore but the comments did jar me.  I guess I looked like I had just killed someone or was about to bleed out from my fingertips.  Who knows.  But just a word of warning to those that pick this up.  It's a beauty but beware of removal...


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