Friday, December 9, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Collection | Winter 2016

With the holidays so close, I'm excited to show you the Zoya Enchanted Collection for Winter 2016.  At first I scoffed at the odd combination of four PixieDust polishes, one semi-duochrome, and one soft shimmer but when you see the color palette together, the jewel tone selections just go with a bit of something for everyone.

Take a look!

The name of this emerald green texture is so on the nose (bad Wicker/Wizard of Oz pun) there.  Regardless, I'm just going to say this upfront: I don't love textured polishes.  I crave the smooth finish of a manicure and for some reason I can't ever get PixieDusts to have even cuticle lines on me (you'll see below).  That being said, the colors of these are insanely beautiful and with a thick coat or two of topper, the sparkle on these must be insane.  Sad to say, at least on me, you can't make out the sparkle when in its natural matte form.

Our second PixieDust is Lorna, a berry magenta that again lost its sparkle when matte and textured.  The color is once again lovely but the formula bled into my cuticles which can be a particular pain with pink or red polishes.

The third Pixie is the aptly named Alice, a cornflower blue textured polish with the best formula of the four PixieDusts.  On top of that, this color is my favorite!  Maybe it's because you can make out the sparkle more on this shade than the others but regardless for those loving PixieDusts, Alice is a definite must buy.


My favorite on the entire collection hands down however is Saint.  The creme version in shade of Alice, Saint has the softest pink shimmer that comes alive in light.  The formula is classic Zoya buttery goodness and covered perfectly in two coats.  Love, love, love.

The fourth and final Pixie is this sapphire blue texture, which dries with almost a mattefied sparkle.  So interesting, right?  I think this must be glorious with a thick top coat glossed over it.

Full disclosure: I've tried to swatch this on three separate occasions.  I don't know if it's the formula, brush, or I just have a dud bottle, but Olivera is just broken.  The color is gorgeous, a blackened beetle shade with an oil slick duochrome quality to it.  However, it applied super goopy, pooled in my cuticles, wouldn't make a straight line at the nail line, and generally made me nuts when polishing.  It also is a pain to clean up and leaves black residue despite using acetone vigorously around my cuticles for clean up.  What a shame since I really love this color.

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