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Sally Hansen Color Therapy | Swatches and Review

I know I haven't been the most consistent blogger in the world but if you have stayed with me (bless you), you'll know that one of my all-time favorite brands is Sally Hansen.  So when I heard that they released a whole new line of 38 colors (yup, that's like a WHOLE NEW BRAND OF SHADES) curated by color ambassador Madeline Poole, my interested was piqued to say the least.  

So what is this new line?  Color Therapy!  Bottled similarly to the the Complete Salon Manicure line, Color Therapy blends a complex of natural argan, acai, and evening primrose oil in its formula to condition weak, dry nails.  Why are these oils important?  Well, I'll tell you:

Argan Oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids as well as Vitamin E, essential antioxidants for healthy skin and nails.

Acai Berry Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, essential fatty acids valued for nutrition and conditioning in skin and nails.

Evening Primrose Oil features fatty acids known to reinforce hair strength.

So all good stuff bottled into fabulous, rich color applied with the signature pro-wide Sally brush.  And because the formula is so packed with vital nutrients for your nails, it's recommended not to use a base coat with these polishes.  I must highly recommend not using one as well for practical reasons; I didn't read this caveat in the press materials before swatching and found that the formulas apply horribly when used over any base coat.  Like goopy, sloppy messes.  I was so confused since typically Sally Hansen polishes apply like a dream.  But once I reread and saw that these need to be worn without, it made a lot more sense and application became a lot easier.  The formulas on all of these are not exactly the same as the standard CSMs and I noted below any deviations you might want to make a note of.  However, of the four colors I have to show you and the cuticle oil I tried, I must say I'm impressed.

Please keep reading for more about this lovely new line!

Chai on Life
So winter has done a number on my cuticles and certain colors definitely exacerbate the damage so please bare with me through this post.  However, if you're in the market for a vanilla toned nude, Chai on Life -- apart from having the cutest name ever -- is tops.  The color is so chic without being putty or mannequin looking and despite the warm tones, doesn't veer off into yellowdom.  The formula was pretty good but needs three coats because as the second dried, you can make out some bald spots, which I find to be fairly standard with shades like this.

Cool Cucumber
I'm a sucker for shades that border on black but clearly aren't so Cool Cucumber really tickled my fancy.  What I also love about this rich evergreen is that smoky quality to it, which makes this shade so Fall/Winter 2016 in my book.  The formula had a tendency to drag and run into my cuticles but didn't stain which I was surprised at given the color.  Definitely a keeper.


Steely Serene
Ugh, I hate this photo.  Another stunning color that just brings out the worst in my skintone.  Regardless, I've been digging all things mauve and taupe lately so this soft greigey lilac hit my neutral with a twist button majorly.  The first coat was suuuper runny and nearly sheer so I highly recommend using the thinnest coats imaginable to avoid the terrible cuticle pooling I experienced.  Once you apply the second and third coats, it's smooth sailing but so not worth the mess the first go around if you can avoid it.  But look at that soft, dusty color.  Isn't she divine?


Slicks and Stones
This color became my nemesis.  I tried applying this like 15 times and it just refused to cooperate.  This was a goopy nightmare with and without base coat.  I had read in another review that Slicks and Stones stained so I was so careful when applying to avoid the dragging and pooling I experienced with the other polishes, however the deep jewel tone purple refused to apply where I wanted.  I didn't have any staining though so that's definitely a bonus.  Another bonus: that intense pink and blue shimmer that is evident in any light.  Just magic.  But applying this was something altogether less pleasant.


Argan Oil Formula for Nail and Cuticle 
I know I've been complaining about the state of my cuticles in the photos but do not blame them on this wonderful little bottle of fabulousness!  Unfortunately, prior to swatching and photo taking I got caught outdoors in freezing weather without gloves for an extended period of time and whenever that happens, my fingers get destroyed (I have terrible eczema).  That being said, I also have terrible allergies and can't use so many products that are often espoused for dry skin, allergies (go figure), cuticle care, etc. so the fact that I can not only use this and it works is just a miracle.  The brush on the wand is considerably shorter than a standard polish, providing an easier and less messy application of the oil.  I personally like using it as I would a scrub brush, lightly digging into the side walls of my nails and around the cuticles and nail beds.  The scent of this oil is also so nice!  Like a soft vanilla but somewhat powdery.  Very delicate.  I'm sensitive to scents so those that are as well and don't like vanilla might tolerate this since it's a very soft odor and goes away quickly.  In only one use, I saw a great improvement, and the dryness around my nail beds really went away!  Just wish the winter wasn't stronger than this little guy...


The Color Therapy line is available wherever Sally Hansen is sold.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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