Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spam Swatches...Catching Up

Going through my camera, I see that I have a lot of one off photos of swatches.  Polishes that I didn't necessarily wear to review, but wore because I wanted to (novel concept, right?) and took photos of it because I wanted to share eventually but because we as bloggers have become profligate at swatching collections, it's hard to find the time to show a random polish or two.  So making the time to clear out my camera and stretching my blogging muscle for a lot of collections ahead, here are a number of polishes I have stored from months back I wore and never shared.  Hope you enjoy!

Essie Color Binge
From the Fall 2015 Collection, I actually picked this up this past spring when I found it in a clearance bin at a beauty supply store.  I typically shy away from oranges but there was enough red in this base to make me want this.  Plus anything Rebecca Minkoff makes me go weak at the knees (I believe this may have been her first collaborative collection with the polish brand).  The formula was fabulous but once it gets in your cuticles, beware, it stays there.  

Essie Go Go Geisha
The most recent polish of the bunch is definitely this gorgeous pale lilac pink mauve from the Fall 2016 collection, once again curated with Rebecca Minkoff and inspired by her trip to Tokyo.  The formula was a bit thick and I should've used a bit of thinner before application but regardless, this color is just magical to me.  I've been really drawn to shades like this all season and keep picking up polishes like this.  I can't even imagine what's going to happen once I get sick of it and have like 50 bottles of this color sitting around with nothing to do.  Oh well.  In the meantime, I adore Go Go Geisha.

Color Club Bermuda Beaches
Despite my new found love of lilac mauves, I've always loved pale pinks with delicate shimmers.  So it's no shock that I love this soft jelly from the Ticket to Paradise Resort 2015 Collection.  Three coats and this is a perfect neutral and work place appropriate shade but the blue flash of shimmer still makes this super special.  Just lovely!

OPI My Private Jet
I've worn and tried to photograph this OPI classic about a million and half times.  This charcoal cocoa crelly with scattered holographic crystals just refuses to be captured for me.  It's the most frustrating thing in the world.  Perhaps one of my favorite polishes, it applies like a dream, covers in 2-3 coats, shimmers delicately without being in your face holo-y, and still competes with newer, more robust holo polishes.  It's just special, you know?  I guess that's while it's called a classic.


FingerPaints What Have Hue Done
I guess I'm having a pink phase because here's another one.  A creme, this baby pink is more opaque although did have some balding issues so I'd suggest more coats with time between each.  What's pretty about this FingerPaints is the strong blue ribbons of shimmer when the light catches it.  You can sort of make it out in the bottle but not as much on the nail, sadly.  But if you click on my picture and enlarge you can make it out bigger.  Either way, this is a certainly a more delicate and chicer way of doing baby pink without any chalky undertones.

FingerPaints Blushing With Excitement
Yup, clearly I'm all about pinks and mauves because here's Blushing With Excitement, the nude-pink from the Ashley Nell Tipton Collection, winner of Project Runway, from FingerPaints.  I picked up 3 of the 6 polishes from this collection but somehow only this swatch came out well.  The other two gave me serious lobster hands so I chose not to include them in this post.  Oh well.  Nonetheless, this color is so in now and I completely recommend anyone near a Sally Beauty check their clearance bins because I imagine this collection is circulating around those for a serious discount about now.  This creamy formula and kickass formula to boot, it's so worth digging around for this gem.

So there you have it!  I cleaned up some of my swatches from the past few months and shared some random manis.  It's funny to see that I had a "type."


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