Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge One Coat Creams | Fall 2016

I feel awful that it's been A MONTH since my last post!  I know, I'm terrible, but it's a week and a half until my wedding and I'm scrambling to get everything together.  In the middle of everything, I needed to play with the Zoya Urban Grunge One Coat Creams that just screamed fall.  With the weather finally getting cooler, these shades were calling my name and I wanted to get them up on the blog before, well frankly, spring rolled around.

Oh, and despite the name, these polishes really require 2 coats just for full and even coverage.  However, if you have an amazingly good hand, I'm sure you can get away with one.  Just word of caution.  But the formula on all of these were perfection...except for one, which I'll explain below.

A sucker for grey polish, August has a soft blue tone that really flatters a skin tone with pinker undertones.  I love that this reminds me of fall rain and that the formula is seriously perfection.

Since last year, deeper green polishes have really caught my eye.  This mossy racing green has a dusky quality that keeps it chic and quite different from any of the other deep greens in my collection.

An eggplant purple, Tara isn't insanely special but a classic fall staple.  The shine on this baby is, however, pretty special.  I do like that Tara doesn't have a strong brown undertone that many eggplant polishes have which keeps this more fresh in my mind.

The only dud in this collection, Mallory might seem like any cobalt lover's dream, but she's not.  First of all, I'm personally done with this shade of blue.  Secondly, she stains!  So bad.  Not worth the effort here.  Pass this one up.  There are so many other equally beautiful shades of cobalt that don't do the damage this polish did on my nails and cuticles. 

Ugh, this refused to photograph right!  Courtney is a deep, oxblood with brown undertones but is photographing like a jelly red.  Maybe the sunlight was just too bright the day I took this photo but I feel so bad I can't capture this color properly.  It's so pretty and a great autumnal staple.

And perhaps my favorite is Noah!  This nude is just different and I can't put my finger on why.  There's a touch of pink in the formula but it still has a clearly ivory feel to it.  I don't have mannequin hands exactly but there's a freshness this shade gives me.  I simply just love this polish to pieces.

You can order the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection by clicking here.


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