Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wrenn Polish Swatches and Review

An easy way to transition into fall is by incorporating jewel tones into your nail palette and accessories.  To do so, I recommend checking out Wrenn Shop, which specializes in handmade druzy jewelry pieces.  Only a few months ago, Wrenn branched out into nail polish, producing colors that reflected the stunning pieces sold in their shop.   I previously posted Passionfruit Pink, a stunning golden topaz, and today I have four more shades I highly suggest those anxious for fall tones (and quality polish!) to pick for their autumn nail wear asap!

A Pirate's Life
The most transitional of the bunch, A Pirate's Life is the color you'd begin wearing in August.  This shimmer in this creme is so fine, it literally glows from this aqua teal blue.  The formula is gloriously buttery and covers in two coats without any staining.  Just magnificent. 

Better Off Red
The most glowy of the shades is Better Off Red and this baby is literally on fire.  A ruby red shimmer creme, the glow is so strong it basically appears metallic in its finish (although it's not).  Again, the formula is beyond perfect and covers in two coats.

Feeling Bluzy
There is so much going on in Feeling Bluzy I can barely begin!  The color is just so saturated in this rich navy satin, it scream autumn chic.  The shimmer is a gorgeous purple and teal mixture that makes this appears somewhat duochrome and somewhat metallic.  It's truly just so unique.  And the formula is again, just perfection.  Seriously, this is a lovefest for me.  Two coats here.

This wine colored oxblood was the only somewhat problem child of the bunch and even then, not so problematic.  It had some issues bleeding into cuticles and only once I uploaded my photos, I saw that two coats were not enough to make this shimmer creme opaque (see the balder spots on my index and ring finger).  Next time, I'll be sure to use three coats but the shade is so perfect for fall it's definitely worth that extra coat.

Wrenn polish and jewelry (I have two of their bracelets too and love them!) are top notch quality and worth checking out.  I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend following them on Instagram and signing up for their newsletter because they are constantly having amazing sales on their products.  Plus they are super responsive to their followers making the process of buying so much more rewarding.  Two perfectly polished thumbs up for this new polish brand that is 5 Free, cruelty free, and vegan!

Check them out here!


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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