Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sally Hansen Royal Splendor Collection | Swatches and Review

To give your nails the royal treatment, I suggest trying the new Sally Hansen Royal Splendor Collection available from their Miracle Gel line.  From powdery, pearlescent pinks, to rich, ruby reds, this collection is reminiscent of Versailles.  While I only have 4 polishes from this 7 piece set to show, I think the colors I swatched really highlight the regal Antoinette-esque glamour this collection exudes.

Regal Rosé
A warm toned peachy pink, this delicate nearly nude glowed from a super fine pearly microshimmer.  The formula was a tad bit runny and thin so I recommend using very thin coats, allowing time between each to avoid dragging.

Prince Char-mint
I have many mints and aquas, but Prince Char-mint is a classic 1950s refrigerator mint green.  Pastel without being chalky, opaque without bald spots, and refreshing without being too bright, this is a classic shade that I can see brightening the gardens of Versailles.

Plush Blush
My favorite of the collection!  Plush Blush is a powdery, cool-toned shade with the same lovely pearly shimmer as Regal Rosé.  A bit thicker than it's peachier sister, I'd still suggest going for thinner coats because dragging is a concern with the Miracle Gel formula.  This is three coats.

Can't Beet Royalty
My camera makes this deep red crelly look a bit lighter than it really is, but imagine this a few shades darker.  The formula was a bit runny also but I find most reds with this formula to be problematic.  The color though is so spot on for fall and is a great foil for the soft pinks of this collection.  I also like that this didn't have any shimmer since I think it would've cheapened the cohesion of the collection and downgraded the sophistication of this oxblood.  So well done, Sally, well done.

The Sally Hansen Royal Splendor Collection is available in its Miracle Gel line now.


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