Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zoya Sunsets Collection | Summer 2016

I recently saw Finding Dory (super cute but doesn't quite compare to Finding Nemo, nevertheless, I'd advise to bring tissues for the seashell scene, trust me), and all I kept thinking about was I'm pretty sure this entire movie's color palette is sitting in a Zoya collection back home.  Now I saw the movie while in Wisconsin on a rare break from a work thing and my poor Zoya Sunset Collection was going unattended back home on the East Coast so when I finally had the chance to play with them, I could put my little hypothesis to the test.  

Maybe because the cerulean blue creme is named Dory I was inspired to think this thought or maybe because it's sister collection (coming soon!) is called Seashells, but I think I'm pretty spot on about my assessment.  This six piece creme set is full of rich summer cremes that aren't neon or overtly bold but still have a warm, okay I'll say it, sunset tone to them.  Basically a summer sunset feel.  Zoya nailed it on the head.  Every single formula on these were STELLAR.  Like quintessential Zoya buttery goodness with no staining, no cuticle pooling, nothing.  Just perfection.  So there's really not much I can do to differentiate each color except to explain when color correction explanation is necessary.

So enjoy!

Perhaps my favorite, Ness is that minty sage aqua green color that became everything about 3 years (think OPI One in a Windmillion, Zoya Wednesday) and brought it into summer.  Fresh, chic, and perfect.

I don't love orange so Cam is a hard sell for me.  This is a true orange and since it's a real citrusy one, it photographed even brighter than it is and leans very red in my photo.  In real life, it's a tad more yellow toned and well, just more orange.  Yeah, defining a word with the same word doesn't help but it's the best I can muster.

Love these pretty summer purply pinks!  Brynn is a fuchsia-y medium, blue-toned pink that is just too-cool to be hot pink and is a great way to wear a brighter pink without being overly Barbie-doll-Jersey-Shore-esque.  And that shine!

I know plenty of girls will go nuts for this color and while it's certainly pretty, it reminded me so much of Essie Avenue Maintain.  And of course, Dory the fish.

I love Liv but this is so not what Liv looks like.  She is way more red-toned in real life.  I have no idea what my camera is doing with colors lately and given that it's not even cooperating with my computer anymore (so much for wifi cameras; I now have to insert the SD card and even that's a crapshoot if it works -- and I bought it only a year ago!), I may have to apologize before every post from now on.  Liv is still super pretty and a great addition for purple lovers.  I just don't want to misrepresent this shade and suggest Google imaging this just in case.

And another spazz out from my lovely Canon.  Dixie, a semi neon red creme, just made it go berserk.  Once I uploaded the photos, I saw that all the Dixie shots were blurry once I cropped them.  This shade was just too neon adjacent I guess.  I love red colors like this in the spring for a fresh pop of color but oddly enough I find myself ignoring them in the summer.  Isn't that weird?  Either way, this is still a stunner of a color and a definite keeper for red lovers

All in all, Sunsets was a hit for me -- if not for my wanton camera.  I definitely recommend this, if nothing else, to reacquaint yourself with the wonder that is the Zoya formula.

You can purchase the Zoya Sunsets Collection by clicking here.


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