Thursday, June 23, 2016

daniPRO Swatches and Review

I'm excited to share a new brand with you all today!

daniPRO is a newly released line developed by New York podiatrist Dr. Gary Evans and named after his daughter that is both 4 free and infused with undecylenic acid* (be sure to follow that asterisk! I have more information to follow!) that is said but not yet proven to function as an anti-fungal in nails.

*Before I get to the swatches, I want to just follow up on my asterisked comment.  I noticed in the press release for this brand that the undeclynic acid was asterisked and yet there was no clarifying asterisk as is normal.  I checked both the emailed press release (where I first saw the asterisk) and the mailed press release that came with the polishes, and came up empty.  After looking like a mad woman, I finally found the asterisk clarification on the polish bottle of all places!  And what was the asterisk denoting? That the fungus this acid prevents doesn't grow on nails and skin.  So I was confused.  Why market this additive as something special if it doesn't do anything to help nails and the surrounding skin?

I wrote to my press contact who immediately reached out to Dr. Evans and was able to get back to me quickly with this response:

"Undecylenic Acid is a synthetic unsaturated fatty commonly used in personal hygiene products and has been known to work as a topical anti-fungal agent.   Undecylenic acid can be attributed to helped keep nail beds clean and prevent the occurrence of infection."

Do I feel satisfied?  No.  While I am impressed with the press companies quick turn around and ability to answer my question to the best of her ability, I feel that the doctor is twisting things here.  Is this an actual anti-fungal that benefits those looking for a healthy manicure or not?  That one little asterisk has me a bit upended.  

However, I'll let you be the judge on that front.  As to the color, wear, and cost, that is all reviewed below. 

Take a look!

Forever Girl
Heralded as the "perfect shade of pink," Forever pink is really just that.  A blue toned blush, I fell in love with the crelly the minute it dried.  Girly and feminine with no Barbie undertones (thankfully!), I just found myself wanting this on my nails forever.  The downside?  It chips.  And bad.  I put this on in the afternoon and by the next morning, flakes were falling off.  My normal base and topcoat were used and I never have such problems.  I was so upset.  This is three coats.

My Girl
Another blue toned pink, this more fuchsia pink is a create bright alternative to it's paler sister without going neon for the summer.  Super glossy with a creme formula.


First Kiss
While this looks a bit bright, First Kiss is a medium tone red crelly but builds up really well.  Careful with how much you load on your brush though because this has a tendency to pool in your cuticle.


daniPro polish retails for $18.50 a bottle and be purchased at their website.
You can also visit their other social media sites here:
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This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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