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Zoya Petals Collection | Spring 2016

Hello, all!

I'm super pleased to share the Zoya Petals Collection for Spring 2016.  I know I say this a lot (and think I said this for the Whispers Transitional Collection only a month back), but this 6 piece set is truly a joy and refreshing take on the seasonal hues.  While not totally disregarding spring's heavy handed pastel leanings, the Petals Collection turns that on its head, and instead brings us a very cohesive (perhaps too cohesive; some of these shades are just a bit too similar to one another) flower inspired color palette, each infused with various levels of the finest silvery white shimmer.

The shimmer here is the star.  Zoya has perfected this magical dusting in each of these polishes without it becoming overpowering, aesthetically speaking, or difficult to take off, technically speaking.  I highly recommend my readers to click each picture individually and zoom in if possible to see how intricate the shimmer on each polish truly is.  It's worth the extra 15 seconds per color -- I promise!

I know a lot of bloggers have already swatched this iridescent sheer alone, and built up it is still unimaginably pretty with its purple shifts to green with sparks of gold.  Since I had previously swatched this over black and saw how it recreated a black pearl, I knew I needed to see how it looked over white.  I was not disappointed.  One coat absolutely blew my mind and while subtle, really gave the appearance my nails had somehow changed to white abalone.  I can seriously wax poetic about Leia all day.

In my search for the perfect spring pink that is neither too chalky nor too Barbie doll, Laurel seems to have made it to the playoffs.  This soft not quite pastel balances cool toned and warm toned by the sparse silver shimmer running throughout (like I said, click and zoom).  The formula however was a bit difficult.  Laurel seems to be a confused crelly and applies a bit gummy, pulling and dragging at the second coat.  Since it's thin and sheer, this leaves bald spots and needed 4 (yes 4) coats for this opacity so it required patience between coats to avoid the dragging.  Worth it though!

This is where the silvery white shimmer really came out to play!  Azalea is the brightest of the bunch, a bright pink fuchsia crelly with a punchy electric blue streak running in and out of the shimmer.  More of a summer polish than a spring polish in my opinion but I can see how this fits in.  Formula was a bit thick and once again needs time between coats but is way more opaque than Laurel and only needed 2-3 to cover.

In formula, Zahara was similar to Azalea with a thicker crelly base and heavy silvery white shimmer (although no blue streak).  I really like Zahara but there's something about the silvery white shimmer that didn't jive as well as perhaps a golden shimmer would have, or at least a more balanced mix of those shades of shimmer in this color base.  Either way, I think this polish would suit girls with a warmer and darker skin tone and look glorious with a tan.

Do I even have to say it?  Yes, I love Aster.  This blue-toned lavender is just everything.  Formula is perfect and buttery.  Silvery white shimmer is fine and while heavenly ribboning throughout, doesn't overpower this perfect spring shade.  If I didn't have a million other polishes to review, I don't think I'd take this polish off until June!

Tulip however, while not purple (*gasp*) was my favorite.  There's something delightfully girly and chic about a soft salmony pink crelly like this that I just adore.  The formula on this was easy since it's a true crelly (not a confused one like Laurel) and the silver shimmer is just so delicate, it makes this fairly neutral color just pop (seriously, zoom in on this one!).  I've been wearing a lot of pinky peaches lately but this one may be my favorite so far.

So there you have it.  My love affair with the Zoya Petals Collection summarized in a moderate to long blog post.  Will you be picking any of these beauties up?

You can purchase the Zoya Petals Collection by clicking here.


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