Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday | Monochrome

I feel like I'm on backlog.  I have so much I need to post and yet I'm constantly on this hamster wheel of have to swatch/post but not enough time to do it- omg it's Tuesday already and then only a mani or two (if I'm lucky) gets posted a week.  Ugh, I'm such a bad blogger.

To get this week's Twinsie Tuesday prompt done, I sadly used the ncLA nudes volumes i-iv for my monochrome mani.  I say sadly because I've been meaning to swatch this set separately for ages now and just haven't gotten around to it.  So instead, I decided to just swatch i-iv (i at pinkie and going up iv at pointer) as a monochrome-ish skittle.

To break it down for you in case I never get around to swatching these separately:

volume i: a yellow toned camel crelly, needs 3 coats for opacity. 
volume ii: a sheer pearly pink mauve with heavy shimmer.  Start with thin coats and build for opacity.  You may need 3-4 coats but the payoff is worth it; this is my personal favorite.
volume iii: like a slightly tanner volume i, this is another crelly yellow toned nude.  
volume iv: a pink toned creme nude, this was very close to my skin tone but still looked very chic and lady like.  The only polish that required 2 coats for opacity.

There is also another four set of the ncLA nudes from volume v-viii that go a bit darker that I'd love to try.  Has anyone else tried them?  What are their thoughts?  I'd love to know!

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