Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Zoya Whispers Collection | Transitional 2016

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Been a minute, I know.  I won't make excuses and instead go to the gorgeous polishes of the Zoya Whispers Collection, this year's transitional collection.  Personally, I love this midseason palette cleanser sextet Zoya has produced the past few years and Whispers has really taken the cake.  These soft, dusty pastels are so on trend for Pantone's colors of the year (April and Lake will slake any lusting for Rose Quartz and Serenity) and are just a joy to look at.

The formula on these were interesting though.  While these dry as cremes, they apply almost crelly like and because of that, have a weird watery yet gummy formula that I found very unZoyalike.  But with patience and thin (I mean thin) coats, this collection makes it totally worth it.  Take a look!

Perhaps my favorite from the collection, this grey-toned lilac is subtle and classic.

A soft, mossy pale sage, Ireland is a more neutral take on the Spring mint we see year in and year out.


April took my breath away.  A soft, neutral, fleshy pink, this reminded me of ballerinas and lace.  This may be in the running for my wedding polish!  Yup, that's how much I adore this color.


I didn't think I'd like Misty since I'm a bit done with the khaki taupes but this softer version is just so feminine and chic it's hard not to fall in love with it.  And look how glossy it is!


A more yellow-toned version of April, Cala is an ivory cream colored neutral and a great nude for girls with more yellow-toned skin (I'm more pink toned, hence why April looks more nude on me than pink).  You'll need to follow up for the bald spots with this one though.


The most creme-like formula of the batch, Lake is a sky blue balanced with a touch of grey, perfectly reminiscent of Serenity in name and color.  A bit thin, you can see that it pooled in the cuticle walls even after cleanup which I only noticed when I was editing my photos.  It also weirdly gave me lobster hands which I never get from blue polish.  Weird but worth it.


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