Thursday, March 17, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday | Favorite Color

Yeah, yeah, I'm late.

However, my Twinsie Tuesday post is up so at least that's a victory.  

Today's, er, Tuesday's prompt was to post our favorite color.  As surprising as this post is late the polish I'm posting is purple.  I decided to pick a polish I had been lemming for years.  Something totally outside my wheelhouse in the sense that it was sort of a glitter and not even my favorite shade of purple and yet every time I saw it I just needed it.  Picture Polish Imperial.

At first, I resisted the temptation.  Picture Polish was just too pricey.  Then when it became more accessible and affordable in the US, it was just impossible to get a hold of.  Just perpetually out of stock everywhere.  Even when I decided that $15 for this little bottle was worth the splurge, Imperial just refused to exist for me.  And then one day, during a sale no less, on Live Love Polish, I was able to add it to my cart!  Go figure.

As all good polish collectors will know, after the hunt, these gems go into an untried abyss only to be dusted off months later.  So when this prompt rolled around I knew this was the perfect opportunity to uncork Imperial.  The first coat was surprisingly thing, the second coat showed a shocking pink holo ribbon that you can't see in the bottle and disappears on the third coat and once dry, and then the third coat dries matte.  The gorgeous shimmer and tiny pink glitter pieces are lovely but really kinda settle into the polish (which is a royal purple, not nearly as blurple as my photos are making this look).  Bizarre little polish this Imperial turned out to be.  Not nearly as gorgeous as when I salivated over Anne's swatches, but I always drool a bit over her stuff so I really need to set my expectations a bit lower.

Am I disappointed in Imperial?  Yeah, somewhat.  For something I really wanted for nearly 2 years it really didn't live up to the hype I built up in my head.  I also think it's the kind of shade you need a bit longer nails for so maybe I shouldn't have used this after I freshly filed.  (My nails grow like weeds so I always go a bit nubby so they have time to grow out, and by time I mean a week before they're at least a quarter of an inch above my finger tips.  Yeah, it's like I eke out biotin.  My hair is the same way.  Not a bad problem to have but lots of upkeep required.)

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