Sunday, March 13, 2016

China Glaze House of Color Collection | Spring 2016

Its' hard to reinvent Spring, what with the pastels and pinks, I sometimes dread the post winter collections because I just know that while pretty, they won't wow.  With The House of Color Collection for Spring 2016, China Glaze reinvented how spring is done.  Gone are the chalky, hard to apply pastels and enter fresh, juicy hues that are both soft yet vibrant and awaken that thirst for warmer weather and flowier skirts.  For the record, the formulas on these polishes were divine.  Take a look!

Pink or Swim
About once a year I get into these weird pink moods and need all things pink on my nails.  Pink or Swim, with its soft, dusty bubblegum flavor and touch of peach just looked so fresh on I thought I hit pink paydirt.  Like most polishes in this collection, Pink or Swim has a lush crelly formula that gives it a squishy and glossy finish.

Don't Be Shallow
I must have a million and four cornflower periwinkles like this but none with this particular crelly formula.  I mean it practically looks like it's floating off my nail it's so squishy.  It's a bit thin so three coats (wait between coats to avoid dragging) is necessary.

In the Near Fuchsia
Another crelly, In the Near Fuchsia isn't the most unique in the collection but is certainly nice.  Basic bright pink.


Chrome is Where the Heart Is
A rose gold chrome, Chrome is Where the Heart Is isn't new and certainly not my favorite.  Just not a fan of metallics and this one settles in any nail lines.  This is one is going to my best friend who loves colors like this.  Enjoy, Rebecca.

Shut the Front Door!
Such a cool color!  A purply pink with ribbons of pink and gold shimmer, Shut the Front Door! is aptly named.  Fantastic formula for an unbelievably awesome polish.


About Layin' Out
I go gaga for juicy pink corals but this crelly stole my heart.  I mean look at this glossy finish!  Does it get any better than this?

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
A pale yellow crelly that doesn't streak?  Yes please!  This polish, while leaving me with lobster hands, is just AMAZING.  I don't even like yellow and this blew my mind.  Pick this up ASAP.

Sorry I'm Latte
Now this one was odd.  I don't know if I like it or not.  I mean, it's a true nude.  On my hands, you can't tell I'm wearing polish.  But is it flattering?  I haven't a clue.  It's a pale, pale, well latte shade with a slight pink undertone.  Same crelly formula.  You decide if you like it or not.

All Chalked Up
Ugh.  My love!  This one is just too perfect.  The palest pink you could ever imagine, All Chalked Up is a perfect crelly like dries like a creme making it the easiest thing in the world to apply without all that chalky horribleness in the application.  Love this beyond words!  Three coats just to clean up a few bald spots.  Probably the #1 must have of the entire collection.


Glitter Me This...
One of two glitters in this collection, Glitter Me This... is a combo of gold metallic and pink matte hex glitter in a clear base.  I layered it over All Chalked Up which in hindsight wasn't the best match because it swallowed up the pink glitters.  Applied evenly in one coat.

Come Rain or Shine
A super squishy medium azure, what's super special about Come Rain or Shine is the hot electric pink shimmer running throughout.  Sadly, that shimmer just disappeared when my camera showed up but believe me, it's stunning.  If you'll trust me about anything, trust me about this.  Or Google image for better photographers than me.  Totally worth it.

Moonlight the Night
Layered over Come Rain or Shine, I put a coat of Moonlight the Night which made my camera and natural sunlight go berserk.  A mix of iridescent flakies in blue, purple, and green, this had a definite air of angelic broken glass.  Very pretty and modern and easily spreadable in one coat. 

The House of Color Collection is available now wherever China Glaze is sold.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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