Sunday, February 7, 2016

KBShimmer Birthstone Collection | Winter 2016

In trying to catch up, I have half of the KBShimmer Birthstone collection, six insanely special polishes reflecting each month's birthstone.  Each polish is semi metallic, but shimmery, yet flushed with holographic sparkle -- just so super complex, I've never seen polish quite like these.  Sadly, the holographic sparkle just refuses to photograph either in natural light or in flash so you'll just have to take my word for it or visit the KBShimmer Facebook page for some videos of these polishes in action to see what I mean.  Still photos simply don't do these justice.

So on that note, I will do my best to describe the color of the polish, keeping in mind the fact that the sparkle exists in every single polish despite it not really showing in my pictures (insert super sad face here.)

For January, a deep oxblood jelly base with almost burnished red shimmer flaked shimmer and sparkle.  A definite favorite.  Requires top coat to smooth out finish.

A brighter version of September's birthstone, Sapphire is high on the metallic/foil and positively reflects from all angles.  Add in the sparkle and this could stop traffic!

A pale icy blue foil, March's birthstone is a fresh take on a Princess Elsa polish that's still fun and chic.  Equally as mesmerizing as Sapphire but more flattering on my skintone.

I love this royal shade of purple for February's birthstone and the sparkle is divine, but I didn't love the formula as much as the rest of the polishes.  Amethyst was a bit goopier and didn't apply as easily.  Even with topcoat, you can see it doesn't finish as smoothly as seen on my middle finger.  Shame.

This may look like a standard silver foil, but once again, I must remind you to remember the holographic shimmer in this polish.  April girls are lucky to have this baby as their birthstone!

Black Pearl
My birthday is June 20 so I was excited to see what KBShimmer would have for us June babies.  I was quite pleased to see they went the route of the black pearl with a soft green shift amidst the holo shimmer.  Sadly, the formula was similar to Amethyst so it applied a bit goopy and uneven but the color is divine.  

You can purchase the entire KBShimmer Birthstone Collection by clicking here.


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