Monday, December 14, 2015

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection | Holiday 2015

More Velvet Mattes for the Holiday season?

Yes, please!

Lush, satin emerald.  With topcoat, Honor comes alive to become a perfect holiday green.


Cherry red and glowy with or without topcoat, Amal is the ultimate seasonal shade.  A definite must have from this collection.


A red-toned plum satin matte, Iris was the only formula that gave me trouble.  Just a bit gummy and simply did not apply as evenly or as smooth as the rest in this collection.  Shame because the fuchsia leaning color is quite nice.


A magnificent cerulean blue, Yves is striking and royal.  Topcoat really makes this color come alive though.  Gorgeous, right?


A chapagne shimmer, Sue is a really pretty way to wear the nude matte look.  With top coat, once again, this is delightful.  Delicate and lovely!


A snow white creme, Aspen has a delicate iridescent shimmer that sadly refused to show up on camera.  Instead, the matte photographed kinda foamy, so please excuse that and translate the pearliness into shimmer.  


You can purchase the Matte Velvet Collection for Holiday 2015 by clicking here.


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