Thursday, December 3, 2015

China Glaze Cheers! Collection | Winter 2015

Crack open that bottle of bubbly along with that bottle of polish this holiday season!  China Glaze has brought us a 12 set of holiday delights of cremes, shimmers, glitters, and metallics.  I chose to pair those that I thought went perfectly together but most of the glitters in this collection can be worn alone with patient application.  For reference, all accent polishes are listed in italics under the main polish name. 

Take a look at the Cheers! Collection for Winter 2015!

Mix and Mingle 
Brand Sparkin' New Year
A crelly medium purple with blue undertones, Mix and Mingle is a bit more spring/summer that winter to me but still a fabulous color nonetheless.  I loved how Brand Sparkin' New Year looked over it though: the purple jelly flushed with purple hex and micro glitter with a touch of holographic glitter just looked like the two were meant to be!

Better Not Pout 
Ugly Sweater Party
An insanely fabulous semi-metallic fuchsia with a fine shimmer, Better Not Pout is divine!  Topped with Ugly Sweater Party, it just becomes a fun holiday bash.  While I'm not crazy about the blue glitter mixed in the with the various shades of pink, I can see how they work to make the Ugly Sweater, well, ugly.  Totally works here, though, and I'm really digging this accented mani.

Son of a Nutcracker
Break the Ice
To be honest, I did not expect to like Son of a Nutcracker.  In the bottle, I just did not like this neon orange-leaning red.  This semi-metallic shimmer just isn't winter at all and looked thin and bleh.  While I was right about the color being off-season, the formula and bleh-ness I was totally off about.  I loved this on and the formula was a breeze!  This bright red is really something and I love how it served as a fresh base to the iridescent silver shards of glitter of Break the Ice which to me is a perfect cheat for the current broken mirror/glass trend.

Coal Hands, Warm Hearts
Oh boy.  Now this was a doozy.  I'm not going to sugarcoat this.  Coal Hands, Warm Hearts was terrible.  The formula was terrible: watery and thin, it literally spread everywhere fast and just made a mess of my cuticles.  To think I needed two coats for opacity made this application a nightmare.  The teal and silver glitter in the black jelly base floated from side to side as this polish refused to dry or set.  Total waste of a polish.  Pass.

Wine Down for What?
Bring on the Bubbly
While not the most unique of shades, Wine Down for What? is a lovely deep oxblood marsala hybrid: not too burgundy, not too brown. Perfect for that wintery vamp look, it applied like a dream. Accented with the gold hex glitter mix of Bring on the Bubbly, it makes for a more glamorous look. Be warned though, the base for the glitter is rather loose and liquidy and requires patience to build up to opacity. 

Peppermint to Be
I'm such a sucker for shimmery reds so Peppermint to Be (such a cute name) won me over instantly. The formula was a bit thin but applies perfectly so what's three coats with such a breezy formula?  And that fine shimmer?  To die for!

Don't Get Elfed Up
I Soiree I Didn't Do It
While this may be one of my favorites from the entire collection, Don't Get Elfed Up was also my biggest disappointment. In the bottle, this blackened teal base's shimmer shifts from purple to aqua to teal which excited me to no end. However once on the nail, the shimmer was simply a deepened aqua color with no shift whatsoever. Still lovely with a great formula but I was bummed I was shafted on the shift. Accented with I Soirée I Didn't Do It (the most groan worthy of the polish names in the bunch), a bright blue leaning aqua microglitter, this mani looks so flashy!

The China Glaze Cheers! Collection is available at Sally Beauty, Ulta, and other beauty retailers now.


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