Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Pet Inspired

Good morning!

For today's Twinsie Tuesday prompt, we are posting manis inspired by our pets or children.  As I have neither, I decided to post a mani inspired by one of my fiance's four dogs.  Willie is a toy yorkie and is literally the size of the palm of my hands.  He is all love and kisses and has a fondness for women but is also manipulative and rather mean to other dogs and is particularly bullying to the newest family dog, Jackson, a lab mix, who is probably about 50 times his size and clearly petrified of him.  Willie has no idea that he is about the size of a marble.

Anyway, to capture his many shades of brown fur, I chose to use Revlon Untamed, a polish I actually picked up last night from a LE fall collection I think called Fiery something or other.  Lots of brown and red lippies and blushes and definitely worth checking out if you pass it.  Only two polishes were part of the collection and the magnificent flashes of copper, bronze, and gold glass fleck flakies in this plum brown jelly made me anxious to pick this up and take it home with me, knocking the other brown polish I had planned for this post out of the running.  The formula was fabulous and covered in two coats.  The color shifts so much more gorgeously in real life so if you like this definitely scope it out quick since I'm not sure it'll be part of the core collection.

(Sorry about the weird pinkie position.  The Revlon bottle shape always makes for awkward hand positions during the swatching shoots.)

And here's Willie hiding under the living room table on Sunday for reference.  His tongue is always hanging out just a little bit. 

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