Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Food Inspired

Morning!  So this is up a tad late for today's Twinsie Tuesday post but at least it's up!  Yay!  I've been so bad at posting lately.  I can bemoan work, wedding, life, etc. but no one wants to hear me whine anymore so let's just get to the polish, shall we?

For today's manicure, we are prompted to post our favorite food.  I don't really have a favorite food per se, but I do love carbs.  Bread, pasta, rice -- you name it.  That will be the battle to give up in order to sausage me into my wedding dress.  Fun times ahead.  So in honor of my love of white foods, I have a white polish!  Different Dimensions Ready Set Snow (also seasonally appropriate to make up for missing last week's transitional polish -- sorry ladies!).

Ready Set Snow is a white creme flecked with blue, gold, and holographic silver shimmer flakes.   The flaked shimmer is so subtle though you can't really see it on the nail or even in the pictures, sadly, just like little specks.  Shame because it's truly beautiful in the bottle.  

Application was fine and applied in three coats.  Weird thing is, it applied roughly; not textured, but gritty almost.  One coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top muted to shimmer a bit but got rid of all that grit.  3 coats here.

Even my macro really couldn't pick up the colors in this polish.  I'm going to try to take a better shot with my iPhone and post on Instagram later today so take a look when you have a chance!

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