Wednesday, November 11, 2015

KBShimmer Holiday Collection | Winter 2015

Celebrate the holidays in fashion with some fantastic options from KBShimmer!  Take a look. 

Chilly Pepper
 I am obsessed with this bright red creme!  I wore this for nearly a week straight without a chip and loved it!  Cheery and classic, the formula as with most KBShimmer cremes was stellar. Great way to kick off the collection!

For Fox Sake
I was on the fence about if I was going to like this peachy orange shade.  While the punchy name is awesome, I just didn't know if the color would jive well with my skin tone or if it would feel kinda flesh tone-y in a bad way. I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and chic this looked and was a perfectly seasonal way to incorporate this color tone into winter. 

Fleece Navidad
I have been looking for a pale dove grey holo shimmer for awhile now so when I got my hands on Fleece Navidad I went all starry eyed. I absolutely love how delicate the holo effect is and how this reminds me of a light snow dusting being hit my sunlight. Just magical. 

Claws and Effect
Now I'm not sure if I have a dud bottle or not, but compared to other swatches I've seen of Claws and Effect, my polish was more of a dark denim navy deep shimmer than a holo. On other blogs, this is clearly a holographic polish but on my nail this just wasn't the case. Either way, I loved the polish and it had a buttery formula but I just wanted to point out that finish discrepancy in case someone bought this and expected holo and received shimmer or vice versa. 

Coal in One
What is clearly a linear holographic is Coal in One, a charcoal delight that glows when hit by the sun. Perfect formula and another gorgeous holo from KBShimmer that I can happily add to my collection. 

Kind of a Big Dill
Perhaps a surprise favorite is this emerald jelly with the pickle inspired name. Kind of a Big Dill is the green sister of Carpe Denim and A Raisin to Live, packed with holographic crystal glitter and shimmer that don't dry gritty at all and are so amazingly seasonal. Honestly, KBShimmer should just release one of this type of polish in every color, they are that amazing.

Yule Worthy
Finally, I have Yule Worthy. Another swatch that looks a tad different from others I've seen on blogs. On me, this polish is a warm plum purple with heavy golden metallic glass fleck shimmer. Other swatches have looked less heavy on the flecks and have stated it to be silver shimmer. I can only go by what my bottle and polish experience is and this was by no means a light shimmer or silver. Gorgeous polish nonetheless with a flawless formula. 

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