Thursday, November 5, 2015

Colores de Carol Summer Holos Collection | Summer 2015

I know you're probably confused why I'm posting a summer collection smack dab in the middle of November but I have my reasons. Firstly, I personally think jewel tones are utterly fall/winter and these holo beauties fit perfectly in this season. Secondly, I took a tad too long in reviewing these.  Nevertheless, these stunners are all still available for purchase (see end of post) so I don't feel bad taunting you with LE items you can't buy. Enjoy!

I wore this gem for days and seriously could not stop staring at my nails!  A rich royal purple linear holographic, Cheshire sparkles when even a speck of light hits it. Formula was sublime!  Two coats here. 

Sapphire Princess
Magical is the word I use for this beauty. A cobalt linear holo, this is identical to Cheshire in sparkle and application.  Absolutely perfect. 

This emerald evergreen linear holographic became a surprise favorite for me. Just rich and opulent, the sparkle and shade of green is perfect for this time of year. Once again, perfect formula. 

Heart of the Rapids
asdas I found Heart of the Rapids to be the only polish here with a completely different finish. Not as linearly holographic, this icy blue polish has a slight frosty (not in a bad way though) finish and the holo isn't as strong. I included two macros to demonstrate how scattered the holo is compared to the others.

Candy Dust
I adored this! Candy Dust is a medium warm toned pink linear holo with perhaps the most sparkle of them all. This baby literally blew up my camera and wouldn't let it focus. The color is what really won me over but I'm digging these grandma shades lately so I guess I'm just partial. Another perfect formula. 

You can purchase the Summer Holos Collection by clicking here.


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