Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OPI Can't Be Beet | Infinite Shine Swatch & Review

I had a three-day long work convention I was running and needed something that I could put on my nails and hopefully not think about until the end of the event.  Something that could keep it's shine, hold up to rigorous activity as the director of the event, and not chip.  After posting numerous pictures of my beloved Sally Hansen Miracle Gels on Instagram and getting lots of positive feedback on the OPI Infinite Shines, I figured I should give them a shot.

I picked up Can't Be Beet, a deep, fall red with brown/pink undertones.  Chic yet work appropriate, I picked it up with the top/base coat duo at Sally Beauty.  The first thing I noticed was how unbelievably this applied.  No cuticle pooling whatsoever which is usually my fear with reds such as these.  This stay where it was applied and was glossy and gorgeous at 3 coats (it applies slightly uneven, so 3 coats helped even it out but isn't necessary for those that apply thicker coats).  The top coat is thin but adds an unbelievable extra layer of gloss.

My only complaint with the Infinite Shine is the immediate corner chipping I noticed within an hour of wear.  I fixed it once I noticed it but throughout the weekend, I saw that the corners of my nails, which I purposely filed short to avoid the chipping, keep getting little chips.  Nothing noticeable to anyone but me, mind you, but enough to annoy me.  However, to annoy looking at my hand from a reasonable yard-like distance (which they were a lot since I'm newly engaged), you couldn't really tell.  So I can't tell you why those minor chips were happening but for the most part, the mani stayed put...up until Day 4.  Then it was no holds bar and the mani just needed to be fully removed.

However, I will say for 4 days worth of wear, the Infinite Shine was completely worth it.  The shine stayed, the color was lovely, and the application was sublime.  I will definitely be trying these again!


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