Wednesday, October 7, 2015

China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection | Fall 2015

Phew!  A 12 piece fall collection from China Glaze.  Let me tell you this took me a long day to swatch, but swatch it I did.  And I loved them all!  And I think you will too!  Take a look at the Great Outdoors Collection for Fall 2015.

Free Bear Hugs
I go gaga for rich oxblood cremes so Free Bear Hugs was a no-brainer for me.  However, sadly the formula just wasn't that great.  It tended to pool and bleed and just wasn't super easy to apply which, with a color this dark and well, bloody, leaves your cuticles a bit of a mess.  The finish product -- a near black burgundy red -- is near perfection so it's really your call on whether the bear hug was worth it.

Sleeping Under the Stars
Hidden shimmers make me so sad.  In the bottle, Sleeping Under the Stars is magnificent.  A deepened navy, this shone with a glorious pink shimmer.  Once on, the shimmer just disappeared and Sleeping Under the Stars looked more like a sleeping under a ceiling fan.  Just kinda blah.  Beautiful polish but nothing to write home about.

Take a Hike
Now we're talking!  This dusty forest green creme speaks to my soul!  Take a Hike is just everything.  It's like fall personified and applies like a dream.  The grey undertones is this beauty is just dreamy without washing away the deep richness of the emerald shade.  A definite must have.

Let's Dew It
Layered over Take a Hike, Let's Dew It is more of a winter shade in my opinion.  An icy glitter mix of blue, lavender, and silver, this shimmery topper really looks lovely on.  As a non glitter lover, I surprised myself how much I liked the twinkle of Let's Dew It.  I see this dazzling my fingertips come the holiday season.

Gone Glamping
One of the three duochromes in this collection, Gone Glamping is the most disappointing in terms of color.  A pale, olive gold, this shifts faintly across the green and gold family but loses itself in its streaky, metallic finish.  Not really my thing, but I can see where it was trying to go.

S'more Fun
I just don't get this one at all.  A bright lime creme in a fall collection...named for s'mores?  Huh?  I don't get it.  On a positive note, the formula is fantastic and basically applies itself.  But other than that, my review is basically: huh?

Cabin Fever
I'm still not loving the streaky duochrome finish in this collection but I do enjoy Cabin Fever's autumnal color palette.  The red to orange to bronze shift mimics the colors of the change in trees and is so pretty.  If this had a shimmer to it, I think I'd actually marry this polish.

My favorite of the duochromes is Pondering, a violet to charcoal to indigo shifting polish.  The least streaky of the bunch, this applied super well and looks really nice on.  Forgot to mention!  All duochromes required 3 coats for opacity since they apply fairly thin.

Check Out the Silver Fox
How cute is this name?  A sparkly microshimmer metallic foil, Check Out the Silver Fox (am I the only one who thinks Clooney?) isn't the most unique of colors but is certainly an interesting makeup of polish to get to this finish of silver.  2 coats here.

Change Your Altitude
A lovely dove grey creme, I wore this for days and loved every minute of it!

My Lodge or Yours?
These mauvey rose cremes are everywhere this fall.  Aren't they just lovely?  Once grandma shades, they are now the epitome of chic.  Get them while you can, ladies!

Would You Wanna?
Perhaps my favorite of collection, Wood You Wanna? is a brown bronzey shimmery metallic that is unbelievably luxurious.  Like a mink coat without the animal cruelty, Wood You Wanna is ultra chic and luxe and everything I imagine a fall hunting outing in 1920s Long Island would be.  

The Great Outdoors Collection is out now and available wherever China Glaze nail polish is sold.


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