Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Zoya Focus Collection | Fall 2015

For some delectable fall cremes, check out these six selections from the Focus Collection from Zoya for 2015!

Holy moly, is this amazing.  Seems like every collection this fall is doing its own riff on cobalt blue but Sia takes the cake.  This bright, lighter version is just super pretty and still on trend and chic.  Formula is also perfection with absolutely no staining.

A camo green, Charli is hard to classify.  I guess I'd say it's a deep olive with taupe undertones bordering on brown?  Whatever it is, I kinda like it.  Two coats here.

So I even have to say it?  I freaking LOVE this color.  A deep, eggplant purple crelly, Lidia is all about the vamp.  Great formula was a glossy finish.  2-3 coats.

The darker of the two reds in this collection, Janel is another crelly formula.  Reminding me of candied applies, I like the tonality of Janel, I just wish it applied a bit more evenly.  It is quite glossy, however, which is definitely a plus.  2-3 coats here also.

A dark chocolate brown creme, Desiree isn't anything unique, especially from Zoya, but still pretty nonetheless.  Two coats with a glossy payoff.

A tomato red crelly, Hannah is that bombshell color that will last you from season to season and from decade to decade.  Timeless and perfect, this is a color to have in your collection.  2-3 coats.

You can purchase the Zoya Focus Collection for $9 a bottle by clicking here.


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