Monday, August 31, 2015

Zoya Flair Collection | Fall 2015

My favorite time of the polishing year has begun!  Fall: the deep, vampy shades are begin to grace our blog pages.  To begin, I have the Zoya Flair set, six jewel tone metallic shimmers that are alight for autumn.  For each polish, the formula was sublime and required only two coats for perfect coverage.   Take a look!

I love brown polishes so Cimmanon's glowy, glassed stone appearance really won me over.  Absolutely stunning polish with real depth and shine.

Whoa.  That shine is EVERYTHING.  Ember is an orange-leaning red jewel tone metallic that looks like fire on the nail.  Omg, this is magic.  Must have for all red lovers.  Just stunning.

I love purple polish as we all know and deep, amethyst shades are always favorites.  Sadly, Giada, while lovely, does not live up to the majesty of her other purple Zoya sisters (Haven, Belinda to name two).  Rich and beautiful, I can't say a bad word, I just know that Zoya has done better.

Bleh.  Icy and and brushstrokey, I say pass on Estelle.  I love a good blue polish but not at the cost of looking like wearing antifreeze.

A metallic charcoal with silvery shimmer, Tris is a great fall to winter transitional shade.  While it's not necessarily my cup of tea, it's a nice, unoffensive shade and one that I can see my mother wearing a lot of (she lives in blacks, navies, and greys) 

A super cool shade, Aggie in the bottle reminds me of Chanel Peridot with a green to gold duochrome shift.  On the nail, however, the shift disappears and Aggie is really just a burnt gold polish that despite drying with brushstrokes, actually looks more interesting and multichromal with the strokes in the metallic finish.  Rather a cool tone and shade of gold and something I haven't really seen before.

You can purchase the Zoya Flair Collection for $9 a bottle by clicking here.


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