Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 4: Cool Aquas | Picture Polish Cyan

Another wonderful Cool Aqua is Picture Polish Cyan, a delicate sky blue aqua crelly with silver glass fleck shimmer.  Co-designed by Marta, the blogger of Chit Chat Nails, this magical and chic shade is perfection!  I don't often splurge on pricey polishes for myself but it was on sale at Live Love Polish and with free shipping at $20, I found myself picking up a few gems I normally wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Besides the color (spectacular) and the finish (glorious), the formula is honestly one of the best I've ever used.  Like absolute butter, this applied itself cleanly and evenly.  My only complaint is that it requires about 3 coats for leveled opacity since this is a shimmery crelly and can lend itself to bald areas.

In brighter lights the glass flecks disappear just a tad but the color just alights.  Is this just amazing?

You can purchase Picture Polish at various etailers but I personally recommend Live Love Polish.  They have nice discounts on their pricier brands, restock often (I was able to get Picture Polish Imperial from them -- on sale! -- after ages of it always being out of stock elsewhere), ship free over $20, and ship fast.  Definitely a fan.


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