Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 3: Crisp Whites | SinfulColors Snow Me White

For my fourth Crisp White polish in the Summer Shades installment I have a drugstore staple, SinfulColors Snow Me White.  For years, I've heard people rave about this little $1.99 (and sometimes 99 cent) gem, swearing by its formula and general necessity as go-to underwear and must-have base.  But my love for SOPI White Hot and knowledge that white polishes are just simply not that easy to come by made me reluctant to believe the hype.  And come on, a drugstore white that isn't chalky or a pain in the ass to apply?  Just does not exist.

However, when I was sent Snow Me White to review in a press packet for SinfulColors Fourth of July selections, I was taken aback.  Yes, for all my snobby blubber about how no drugstore white polish could compare to my beloved and discontinued White Hot, Snow Me White wasn't half bad.  While the formula isn't quite as perfect as White Hot (come on, I have my loyalties, people), it really isn't quite so chalky, applies evenly for the most part and is fairly opaque and glossy in three coats.  

My only major issue is the cuticle lines: it's not the easiest to get the smoothest lines there and if gets on the skin, you may get that chalky residue-ish-ness that I find I only notice after I'm done swatching and uploading my photos (of course).  But for barely $2, this definitely makes it on the list as a crisp white that is a must have for summer!

So yeah, this is me eating crow.  Do yourself a favor and learn from my arrogant ways and pick yourself up a bottle of this SinfulColors -- it will really prove itself useful this summer and all year long.

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This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

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