Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 3: Crisp Whites | Sephora by OPI White Hot

In theory, it's  Week 3 of my Summer Shades installment.  I say in theory because my weeks have become so haphazard lately.   Without going into too many details, my life has become a bit of a mess and I'm not sure what side is up anymore.  

Anyway, I have 4 more colors to go through for this installment and it's already the first week of August.  Ugh, I have to get on this.  And I planned on doing this for fall too?  Jeez, I'm theoretically way more industrious than I am in actuality.

For my second Crisp White, I have one of my all time favorites that is sadly discontinued.  In fact, the entire brand is discontinued and I picked this up when the entire line was on clearance.  Stupid me should've picked up back up upon back up because I've yet to meet another white creme that applies better or serves as better undies.  Sephora by OPI White Hot might very well be the standard bearer in crisp white cremes and I feel awful singing its praises because it's just not around anymore.  In two perfect coats -- TWO COATS -- this is the ultimate white mani.  Just love in a bottle.

Has anyone else tried this SOPI?  Or a SOPI in general?  I don't have many SOPIs but this one is enough to make me love this brand and saddened it's no longer with us.  RIP SOPI, you glorious nail polish, you.


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