Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 3: Crisp Whites | Sally Hansen Get Mod

For a longer lasting crisp white, I've added Sally Hansen Get Mod to the list of Summer Shades.  From the Miracle Gel line, this stark white creme is super easy to apply and lasts on the nail for days with the Miracle Gel top coat.  I've worn this multiple times and it really holds up well.  While not quite the 2 weeks the brand claims, definitely a brand I reach for when I have to be someplace for a few days and need a mani that will last.

Three coats does the trick here!

Sally Hansen keeps releasing more and more colors in their Miracle Gel line which I think is fantastic, giving us so many options for a gel like mani that removes without soaking and damage to the nail.  Get Mod is one I'd highly recommend picking up for the summer and winter months when white is a crisp neutral to wear.


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