Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sally Hansen Tribal Vibe Collection (partial) | Fall 2015

So sorry for my absence!  Between work and more work, my blog and nails have taken a back seat.  Now that I have a few days finally to breathe, I'm catching up on all the wonderful fall collections being sent my way.   First up, three colors from the Sally Hansen Tribal Vibe Miracle Gel for fall.  You might notice my photos look a bit different: I'm in the process of moving and trying out new light situations in my new place.  This was a lightbox with two side lights, which I don't think were bright enough.  Towards the end of my swatching, the lightbox actually collapsed so it was a hellish nightmare.  Anyway, here are my first 3 fall shades!

Tribal Sun
A bright yet autumnal orange, Tribal Sun is a good transitional shade if you're still lemming those neons.  

Cream of the Crop
Oh boy.  I did not like this.  A pearly, milky off white mess, this Cream of the Crop swatch is four coats and still you see how uneven and patchy it is.  Pass.

Rhythm & Blues
Hello, gorgeous.  While I would never classify this sky blue azure as a fall shade, it's still magnificent.  Bright, opaque, and happy, Rhythm & Blues is a must have polish for any blue lover.

Stay tuned for more Sally Hansen Miracle Gel fall selections!


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