Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 2: Pistachio Mints | Essie Chillato

Another Pistachio Mint for Week 2 of my Summer Shades installment.  

Up now is Essie Chillato from the Summer 2015 collection.  Let me tell you, this baby caused me some trouble.  The first time I tried swatching this pale yellowy lime creme, I was watching the women's World Cup game where USA dominated Japan with my boyfriend.   As he was excitedly watching our team score (is that the right term?  I don't follow soccer) goal after goal, I sat next to him for nearly an hour trying to apply this stupid polish, watching it glop and pool, pulling my hair out in disgust.  I thought this might very well be the worst formula I have ever experienced in the history of using nail polish.

After an hour -- yes, an hour -- of attempting to apply this, I gave up and left this polish alone for another 2 weeks.  But I knew that I wanted to use this for Pistachio Mint week so I decided to try it again and with a steadier hand and lighter touch, found that the formula wasn't quite as bad as I first found it to be.  Using a super thin first coat, waiting between coats, and being careful to avoid my cuticles, it actually wasn't as bad as my first go around.

The color was also light, airy, and chic.  So perfect for this summer's palette and perfect for my Summer Shades.  3 coats here.

I can't explain why the formula seemed to do a 180 on me, but I'm guessing the heat had a role in the goopiness; it's been super gross in New York the past few weeks.   Colorwise though, for someone who shies away from yellows or neon greens like me, this is a nice compromise for the summer months.  Worth picking up, especially if you have a coupon!


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