Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 2: Pistachio Mints | Color Club Under the Blacklight

So, yeah, I skipped a week...but I'm back!

Summer Shades, Week 2: Pistachio Mints.

I tried to stick to a schedule, I really did.  I swatched the first two of my pistachio mints but the formulas were so terrible, it took me two days and over two hours of polishing I finally just scratched the polishes and gave myself a reprieve.  Maybe pistachio mints were not to be.

However, looking at the colors again, I knew they had to be included in my Summer Shades installment so sending one of the polishes into my "to swap" bin and the other to try one more time at the end of the week, I persevered and have the first of what are quite a few beauties I think will serve your chilled pastel neon desires nicely.

First up, Color Club Under the Blacklight.  Any surprise I have yet another polish from the Neon Pastel Collection?  I'm obsessed with these!  The formulas really are so great for what they are and if you just apply them gently, you get a great, buttery mani with fabulous opaque coverage in 3 coats.

The color here is super unique.  A pale lemony lime, not quite neon, not quite pastel.  Neutral but bright.  Summery but brisk. Just perfection.  The best way to spark off Summer Shades Week 2!

Any guesses what other polishes will make it on the list of my pistachio mints for Summer 2015?


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