Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants

Wednesday!  That means I'm at four days of success posting my Summer Shades edition of Peachy Pinks!  Yay, me!

Today, I have another Color Club (seems to be a killer year for them).  Hot-Hot-Hot Pants is from the Pastel Neon Collection from this spring.  I picked up a number of these babies and am totally a fan.  I've read multiple reviews of this collection and while the formula tends to be the broadest topic of discussion, knowing that going in, I found application fairly easy.  Thin, multiple coats applied delicately are all you need to avoid chalky patchiness or that weird crepe-y-ness that chalky pastels often create arounnd the cuticle line.

This was 3 coats.  Isn't this bleached peachy pink neon pastel a beaute?

I received many compliments while wearing this color and loved how it made me look kinda tan (if that's even possible for me to appear tan).  Can't wait to show you the rest of this collection!


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