Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Shimmer

Good morning, ladies.

I was actually super excited about today's TT prompt of shimmer.  Probably my favorite of all finishes, I knew I had this one in the bag.  However, if you read my blog regularly, you'll note that I've had exceptionally bad luck as of late (see here for my saga) and today's post suffered from the same breed of luck.

I once again left today's post to the last minute and planned on swatching and writing up my post when I came home from work last night.  Unfortunately, attempting to turn the light on in the morning getting ready somehow caused me to pull my back out.  In what might have been the most painful thing that has ever wracked my body, I couldn't lay down, sit up, stand, anything and was actually in tears.  After fighting with my boyfriend who wanted to take me to the hospital, I finally agreed to let him call my physical therapist (because, in my spurt of luck, I was already seeing a PT the past month because of a torn ligament in my neck).  The PT, who is amazing and I highly recommend to anyone in Northern New Jersey, said that I actually needed to go straight to the emergency room, so in extreme agony and pajamas, I was driven to the ER where I spent the remainder of my day doped up on Valium and Dilaudin, two medicines I've never had before, which led me (I'm told) to stare at my boyfriend and repeat "I love you" and giggle over and over again.  

Nine hours later, I was finally back home, but unable to post anything shimmery.  So, looking into my repository of unedited photos that I needed to post, I found SinfulColors Fuji Fuji,  A silver mix of hex iridescent glitter and microshimmer, I layered it over the shimmery white of Zoya Genesis (swatched here) -- intended for a later post.  Oh well, difficult times call for difficult measures.

The glitter was super easy to apply and added tremendous bling to an otherwise airy mani.  The silver glitter is super reflective so what looks a bit like flakieness on my index and ring finger is really just the glitter reflecting the natural sunlight.

SinfulColors are available online, Walgreens, Target, and wherever else SinfulColors nail polishes are sold.

For more information, please visit the SinfulColors social media pages:
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