Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Blobicure

I actually didn't think this post would go up!

For one, wtf is a "blobicure?"  When I first found out that this week's TT prompt was a blobicure, I hadn't the foggiest what to do.  While the kind and ever patient Amber tried to explain it to me multiple times, I still wasn't 100% what it was supposed to be or how to do it.  The poor girl (because she was dealing with me) went out of her way to  give me tips on how to do it multiple times (and even a good way to cheat my way through!) but I was still flummoxed.  So Amber, thank you for your help but I think I'm beyond saving.

On top of that, I had planned on doing this mani last night after an early meeting would mean I could be home a bit early.  Alas, that was not to be.  The skies opened up while I was driving home and in the torrential downpour at least 40 minutes from home (and out of state) my tire went flat.  Because of the rain, AAA couldn't get there for nearly 1 1/2 hours.  Then when I was finally up and running on a donut, I went to Walgreens to pick up meds only to realize they tripled charged me and had to deal with getting reimbursed the $90.  Fun times.

Then (because yes, there's more), when I went to upload the mani at literally the last second before this was due to be posted, Blogger refused to load.  I could get onto Facebook, Gmail, etc., but of course not Blogger.  So I had to update and restart my computer which took an additional 20 minutes.  Grrrr.

And now, as I have to leave the house in literally 3 seconds, here's my post.  Using Color Club minis in All that Razz (the neon orchid) and Modern Pink (the neon bubblegum pink), I blobbed my way through.  Personally, I hate this look and think my nails look cartoonishly infected, but if this is what a blobicure is, then I guess I succeeded. 

On a formula level, both of these applied amazingly without the regular neon streaking issues.

Wishing everyone a much better day than I'm having!

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