Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | Color Club Seal It with a Kiss

Day 3 of Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks.

Today, I have Color Club Seal It with a Kiss, a peachy pink creme from the Love Tahiry Collection from earlier this year.  While not the most unique color, it's definitely a pretty staple polish.  What sets this apart is that it's scented!  I don't necessarily seek out scented polishes since I have a sensitive sense of smell but if it's a nice color and subtle scent, why not?  Seal It with a Kiss actually has a strawberries and creme scent, subtle and reminiscent of Valentine's Day.

This applied perfectly in 2 easy coats!

Sometimes feminine pinks like these are all you need to feel perfectly primped!


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