Monday, June 22, 2015

ncLA Swim Club | Summer 2015

This post was originally featured on Polish Those Nails Blogger Takeover.  If you haven't checked out Marisa's blog, I highly recommend you stopping by to see her fantastic nail art. My favorite are her supply photos - I don't know why, but I love seeing all the goodies she uses for a mani in one photo!


Hi Everyone!

I'm Amanda from Amandalandish.  I'm so flattered that Marisa asked me to contribute to this week's "Blogger Takeover."  While I'm not a nail artist in the slightest, I thought I'd share a favorite summer collection that I think might tickle any girls' (or guys') fancy!

Behold the ncLA Swim Club Collection for Summer 2015.  This foursome is reminiscent of 1950s summers: think mint fridges, pink bikinis, and member only swim clubs.  Take a look!

Bikinis & Martinis
A coral leaning pink crelly, Bikinis & Martinis is a staple pastel in any polish collection.  The formula was a bit thin but 3 thin coats is all you need for this glossy beast before you.  Absolutely swoonfest.

Golden Coast
A purple-toned taupe, I love this dusky neutral for summer (and all yearlong!).  Glossy and rich, this creme only requires two coats. 

Take a Dip
Here's what I meant by mint fridge: a cool, crisp mint, Take a Dip has that fantastic white undertone but without the chalkiness.  Just refreshing and perfect in 2-3 coats!

Endless Summer
Last but not least is Endless Summer, which vascilates between pink and purple seamlessly in its crelly glory.  Similar to Bikinis & Martinis, this requires 3 thin coats to avoid cuticle pooling.  I've become so obsessed with shades like this lately! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this collection and finds inspiration for their summer nailwear!  A huge thank you to Marisa for lending me this space for the day and I hope to see some of you over in my neck of the woods soon!  You can visit me on my various socia media by clicking the icons below!


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