Friday, June 12, 2015

(Much Belated) Twinsie Tuesday | Oldest Untried

I'm so sorry to all my Twinsies for my very belate Twinsie Tuesday but I forgot my camera cord at home this weekend (I'm in the process of moving so for the past few months I've been living out of a suitcase going back and forth) and wasn't able to upload these photos in time.

Anyway, I honestly couldn't tell you which of my ridiculously many polishes that have gone untried is the oldest but a number of years back, I met up with Marisa at a Pure Ice event and we had a bit of a polish swap.  In my bag, Marisa included China Glaze Sweet Hook, a soft lavendar pastel creme.  For a lovely purple like this, you'd think I'd have tried it immediately.  Alas, I realized I never did and I jumped at the chance to showcase it this Twinsie Tuesday.

The formula was pretty stellar, even for a polish as old as this, although maybe a tad thinner than I'd like.  And look at that shine!

Again, I'm sooo sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy this lilac as much as me!

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