Wednesday, June 24, 2015

FingerPaints One in a Melon

I've been on a pinky/red binge lately.  I just can't get enough of those rich raspberry shades with a soft strawberry lean to them.  So after seeing some juicy swatches of FingerPaints One in a Melon, I knew that sexy beast had to be mine.

After searching a few Sally Beauty stores with no luck in finding the Picnic in the Park Collection for Spring 2015, I finally found a sympathetic Sally employee who, when I explained the shade, said "one sec," and ran into the back where she pulled out a fishbowl of FingerPaints random polishes and fished out One in a Melon.  "Is this the melon color you're talking about?"  

After professing my undying love to her, I purchased this beauty and went about my merry way.  And boy was my way merrier once I wore this magical melon polish.  First off, the formula.  A dream!  Thick and viscous, it applies so richly and smoothly it could almost be a one-coater!  What I really love is that is applies like a creme but dries juicy like a crelly.  On top of that, the color is divine: a bright warm dark pink with watermelon red undertones, One in a Melon reminds me of fruity daquiris and cocktail umbrellas.  I've already worn this beauty about 3 times since buying it about a month ago so you know I love this gem.

Thinking about it, I realize that I have a few FingerPaints in my stash now and I've been really impressed with all of them.  I should definitely try more out; between the  fatastic formula, ever growing color selection, and wallet friendly price (especially with a Sally Pro Card), FingerPaints might become my new Sinful Colors!

What are your thoughts on this brand?  Which color of FingerPaints polish should I try next?


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