Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Colores de Carol Summer Fun Collection | Twinsie Tuesday Splatter

Good morning, ladies.

I promise that I tried to do a splatter mani for this week's TT prompt.  I sat there flicking nail polish at my fingertips to no avail, the polish refused to splatter.  So in my plight I decided to try out something I saw on Instagram (I honestly can't remember whose account I saw it from otherwise I'd tag -- so if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments so I can properly give credit!): dry brushing.  Close enough to splatter (well, ish), I thought it would suffice.  I used every single fabulous polish from the Colores de Carol Summer Fun Collection for my dry drag accent nail and then swatched the collection's polishes around it. 

Take a look!

Bright Shorts
One of my favorites, this soft coral pink neon is just the cat's pajamas.   I don't think I've ever seen a neon in quite this shade and tone so of course I adore it.  Three coats here.

Tan Lines
Tan Lines is a bit softer in tone than my photo shows (ugh, neons, why can't they photograph properly?  Ever?).  Definitely a creamsicle leaning orange neon and again a very unique shade to my collection.  3 coats.

For some reason, SPF15 reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt.  A warm toned, semi neon mustard yellow, this isn't my favorite shade from the collection.  Just doesn't really go with my skin tone but the formula was actually one of the best from this collection.  3 coats also.

Kiwi Popsicle
While Kiwi's formula isn't the best, the color is great.  Again, a soft neon lime, this is definitely a subtly different take on the classic slimer green neon.  3 coats.

Watching Clouds
What a stunner!  The photo washes out the richness of the blue but the tone is pretty spot on.  Watching Clouds is just lovely.  3 coats.

Flip My Flops
Does it surprise anyone that Flip My Flops is my favorite?  A gorgeous pinky purple neon pastel, the formula was perfection to boot!  I believe this one was the only 2 coater of the bunch.

You can purchase the Colores de Carol Summer Fun Collection by visiting the shop here.

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