Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Jelly Sandwich

So I'm going to state from the onset that I think this was total fail.  Jelly sandwiches aren't that difficult but I've always found mine look messy, uneven, and generally unappealing.  Thus, my preemptive apologies.

I began with LOOK Nail Color Broad Stripes Bright Stars (full review coming soon!), a white creme.  To be honest, this white wasn't the best base since  it was super chalky and bled into my cuticles, leaving an unfortunate chalky residue and uneven cuticle lines.  Bleh.

Next, I layered one coat of China Glaze Let the Beat Drop, which required a little dabbing to spread out the neon matte glitters.  I don't have that many sheer jellies so I chose to sandwich two coats of Deborah Lippmann Chantilly Lace, a delicate pink shimmer, which I hoped would pick up the pink of the neon glitter.  It looks fairly un-pink due to the starkness of the white base but did a nice job blurring the glitter prettily.

Yeah, so in theory, this might have been a good idea, but in reality, the white base ruined it.  Bleh x2.

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  1. I like how soft and muted the glitter is in here.

  2. Love the softness of this.

  3. Thank you! I wish it came out better though 😕

  4. I like it! It turns the glitters neon pastel which I love!!