Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

When I first started blogging, tags were all the rage and I truly enjoyed taking part in them.  When I saw this cute little one on Kellie Gonzo's blog, I thought what the hell, I'll do the same!

I've linked my swatches to any polishes listed -- please excuse any old swatch that might look terrible!  A lot of these were taken when I was a newbie blogger with absolutely no photography skills.

What color are you wearing right now?
Essie Flowerista.  I haven't posted it yet and will probably have to reswatch it for a blog-worthy shot.  I took a cuticle clipper to my fingers and surprise, surprise created bloody mayhem on my fingertips.  Lesson ladies: avoid the clipper at all costs!

What nail product can't you live without?
In terms of actual nail product (and not general hand maintenance), it would be the Revlon ColorStay Gel Smooth base coat.  It's sadly been discontinued recently but it literally saved my nails.  I used to have the worst yellowing due to all the polish I wear and using this under every mani has saved the color and health of my natural nail.  ColorStay Gel Smooth, you will be missed.

What is your favorite nail brand?
Such a hard question!  I'm a diehard Sally Hansen fan, particularly the Complete Salon Manicure line.  However, I must save that I have a weakness for China Glaze and Zoya formulas.  Plus their collections are always fairly cutting edge, which makes it even better.  Orly is also a standard bearer in great formulation.

What shape nail do you wear?
Square, although I round the edges just a tad so that they don't break if they get caught on anything (sadly, this happens more than you'd imagine).

What's your go-to red, pink, and neutral nail polish?
Depends on the time of the year!  My go-to red this winter was hands down China Glaze Tip Your Hat; I wore that gem from the Twinkle Collection sooo much this past year.  My summer/spring reds will generally come from Essie (they make the best reds out there!) and is a toss up between Come Here and Hip-anema.

As for pinks, I have so many of those too since I typically and consistently go through obsessive pink phases throughout the year.  OPI Chic from Ears to Tail is  just the sweetest pastel pink, Deborah Lippman Chantilly Lace and China Glaze Wanderlust are the prettiest sheer shimmers, and LVX Cameo (or its dupe Barry M. Pomegranate) make for sexy, rich medium pinks.  For great neon pinks, I'd go to Color Club Warhol and China Glaze Glow with the Flow.

For neutrals, it's hard because I've only recently gotten into nude nails.  I have to say I was shocked by how much I loved Lillian Eve Nothing But Nude, have a fondness for Sally Hansen nudes (Without a Stitch, Himalaya, High Speed, Fedora, Stocking Nude, to name just a few), ADORE the gentle holo of KBShimmer In Bare Form, but my favorite nudes/neutrals are Lime Crime Milky Ways and OPI My Vampire is Buff.

I know that neutrals can also mean grey, but I have a huge love affair with greys and know that if I went through my favorites, we'd be here all day. (Okay, I can't control myself, so here are a few: Lillian Eve Nominate Me, Sally Hansen Somber Bliss, China Glaze Immortal, Zoya Yuna, and Essie Petal Pushers.)

Short or long nails?
Short, definitely.

What nail polish colors are on your wishlist?
There's nothing glaringy that I'm lusting for, but a few that I've wanted for awhile are:
Illamasqua Facet and Melange  
- who doesn't?
Misa Eye Candy
- been on the wish list forever
Nails Inc. Regents Place
- not the most unique color but it's a HTF lavender so you know I want it

When do you polish your nails: morning, afternoon, or evening?
Really depends.  While I work crazy long hours, my job is flexible and my hours aren't the same from one day to the next.  That being said, whenever I have time to sit and do them is when I do them.  I have excellent quick dry (Super Chic Lacquer Marvel Top Coat) so even if I do them before I run out the door, I'm pretty much covered.

What's your top nail tip you swear by?
Well, after my disastrous clipper incident, I'd recommend never touching your cuticles with anything sharp.  But other than that, pure coconut oil.  I have eczema and New York winters are brutal -- I discovered coconut oil in time for it to save me from a few blizzards we were hit with this year.  It takes a few times of thorough cuticle massaging to get your hands to where you want them, but I promise, it does the trick.

What nail polish do you regret buying?
So much polish, so much regret.  Off the top of my head though, I regret buying the Julie G. textured collection a few years back.  There was a Groupon offer that woo'ed me even though I'm not a fan of textured polishes and I ended up giving away the entire collection to friends.  Total waste of money, even if it was on sale.  (That's not to say the collection wasn't good quality, just not anything I'd ever want.)

Neon or pastel?
Well, I'm totally digging the neon pastel trend like nobody's business (China Glaze Lotus Begin, anyone?), but if I had to choose one it would definitely be pastels.  Classic, feminine color palettes will always reign supreme over beachy brights.

What's your favorite color right now that you wear all the time?
I've actually been wearing a lot of white polish lately.  No one particular brand but I find OPI (and its sister brands Nicole by OPI and the now defunct Sephora by OPI) to make the best whites on the market.

Interested in partaking?  Go ahead and copy this tag -- but be sure to tag me so I can read your answers!  Don't have a blog?  Feel free to answer these questions in my comments section!



  1. So glad you did this tag! I seriously love these, it's so fun to read everyone's answers :)

  2. I completel agree! Thanks for inspiring this one!