Saturday, May 2, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights | Summer 2015

More neons!  Honestly, while I'm a fan of brights during the summer, the typical neon formula is typically lacking.  Fortunately, China Glaze has outdone themselves with these stellar formulas that don't streak, drag, or dry unevenly.  Seriously, each and every one of these polishes is spot on fabulous with a glossy finish.

Take a look!

Daisy Know My Name
The only one I white undied, Daisy Know My Name is a highlighter yellow neon crelly that popped over the white.  Went on smoothly in two coats!

Home Sweet House Music
I' not a fan of yellow-toned oranges but Home Sweet House Music might have converted me!  There's a peach aspect to these neon that is super unique and fun.  Two coats here..

Treble Maker
I've never been a fan of green neons but Treble Maker won me over.  Sadly, the color got washed out in my photos so please imagine this shade of green just two or three shades brighter.  Why oh why are neons so hard to capture?  Two coats.

Possibly my favorite of the collection, Plur-ple is another beauty that got washed out in the photo.  Imagine this a deeper tone of purple and a lot brighter.  Check out my Instagram feed for a more color accurate photo of this (same with Treble Maker, DJ Blue My Mind, and Violet-Vibes - the iPhone camera is much better at capturing neons, I've discovered).  Formula like butter, two coats.

Red-y to Rave
The brightest of the bunch is Red-y to Rave and capturing this gave me a run for my money.  A searing neon red, this is slightly less orange in real life than my photo.  OMG, this is a stunner and definite must have.  Two coats.

Oy, did my camera wash this one out.  Violet-Vibes is muuuch redder toned than this photo captures and while not super bright, isn't nearly as washed out as this.  Sigh.  Seriously, check out my Instagram for a better photo of this -- I feel terribly I just couldn't get this color accurate in photo editing.  Two coats.

DJ Blue My Mind
Sign x2.  DJ Blue My Mind is more of a medium cobalt blue neon and not quite as aqua as this photo.  Not my favorite shade of blue and not my best photo.  Two coats, and again, Instagram.  I'm so sorry!

Glow with the Flow
I love this pink!  Glow with the Flow is the ultimate neon pale Barbie doll pink neon.  Perfect for spring and summer.  Two coats but this one could've used a third.  Love, love, love.

UV Meant to Be
This is pretty color accurate, despite the redness my hands were inflicted to in the color accuracy process.  Neon pastel aqua, this color is everything this season.  Two perfect coats!

Point Me to the Party, index and pinkie
Let the Beat Drop, middle
Can I Get an Untz Untz, ring
Layered over white, I wanted to highlight the differences and similarities between the three neon matte glitters in this collection.  Hands down, my favorite is Point Me to the Party, a neon rainbow of matte glitters and really like a summer beach party in a bottle.  Let the Beat Drop is like the suntanned version of PMttP, with neon orange, purple, and pink matte glitters.  Can I Get an Untz Untz is pretty with matte neon aqua and green glitters, what throws me off is the smattering of random purple matte glitters.  While it doesn't make sense to me, it's still fairly summery and different its this amazing collection.  All matte glitters are two coats layered over a white creme.

I didn't expect to love these neons as much as I do.  From the formula to the crisp, bright colors, Electric Nights has really brought neon polishes to a new level.  Neon lovers need this collection ASAP.

The Electric Nights Collection for Summer 2015 is available now wherever China Glaze is sold.


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  1. Some fun colors in this collection. I really like those neon glitters in here.

  2. They are a lot better than I expected!