Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Seasonal Opposite

Happy Tuesday!

This week's TT prompt is seasonal opposite.  I wasn't 100% clear what that meant so I took this to assume the opposite to what I'd wear in spring.  Any long time reader will know that I'm hardcore seasonal when it comes to my polish, which means no dark colors in spring and summer.  At all.  Never.  It actually makes me twitch.

However, given that I'm forced by the hand of all that is Twinsie -- and the lucky fact that I just picked up this lovely little shimmer from Sally Beauty -- I chose to swatch Finger Paints Urban Lights.  This blackened teal shimmer is unreal and absolutely glows on!  What's even more spectacular is the purple shift in the shimmer, which unfortunately was super hard to capture in the photo but I was able to grab and post on Instagram, so definitely take a look at it there.

Formula was unbelievable and applied super smoothly in two coats.

Sorry for the weird skin tone in these photos.  Morning daylight shots make me go all pink and I can't figure out how to color tune that out.  But ignore the weird skin and enjoy the polish!

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  1. I love shades like this, looks great on you!

  2. Oh I love this shade! That shimmer is just beautiful.

  3. I NEED this! It's so gorgeous! I had to add this theme to the schedule specially for you, I knew you'd love it. ;)