Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday | Scented

Morning, ladies.

Today, I bring one of only two scented polishes I own.  I  realized while checking my stash for a polish to fulfill this week's TT prompt, that both of my scented polishes are from Revlon, although the second (not shown today) is from the original, pyramid-esque bottled line and was a limited edition from what I believe was a candy or ice cream scented collection of 2011ish.  

The polish I'm showing today is from the Parfumerie line that is now core at Revlon displays.  Autumn Spice is a red-toned brown creme with bronze and pink gold shimmer throughout, giving it a glowing ember look.  The formula was spot on and applied easily and opaquely in two coat.  While I bought this mainly for the color, I can honestly say the scent is divine.  I'm not 100% what the scent is comprised of, but the cinnamon based smell that it emits is just so delicious.  It's not a heavy scent and you can really only smell it if your hands pass your face, but the scent has staying power, and while I was falling asleep a few days into wearing this last fall, I could still smell the cinnamon wafting as I fell asleep with my hands under my head.

The only downside to Autumn Spice is the removal.  While I only swatched this for today, I remember when I wore this as a full mani the removal was a pain and required a lot of elbow grease to get this off.  I'm not sure why since this is not a glitter but that shimmer refused to budge.  So word of warning to those who dare to wear this.

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  1. This polish is stunning!! I remember wanting to get this one, but I was hesitant because I wasn't sure I'd like the smell.

  2. It's really a beauty, isn't it?

  3. If you like cinnamon based scents, this is a lovely one to own.

  4. That is a beautiful polish. Look how pretty the shimmers are and you're right, the scent does last for several days.

  5. The scent was such a nice surprise! I thought I'd hate scented polish but this one is just so lovely!