Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sparkly Vernis Pink Starfish | Palm Trees at Night Collection Spring 2015

Normally, I like to post a whole collection together so that you, my readers and nail polish devotees, can see the cohesion of a collection and get my overall sense of a collection: the formulation, the color palette, the finishes.  However, with Sparkly Vernis' latest release, Palm Trees at Night, I decided to go rogue.  Instead of posting the three polish selections I have from this spring release, I'm choosing to showcase each separately.

Across the board, each was amazingly formulated.  For linear holos, these were rich and buttery, applying opaquely in two coats without any dragging or pooling.  Most linear holos only come alive in direct light, but the Palm Tree at Night colors were brilliantly rainbow even in low, indoor light.  Everything from soup to nuts was spot on with this collection.

Being that the collection as a whole has a remarkable formula and application, I want to highlight how remarkable each color is.  First up, Pink Starfish.  This medium warm-toned pink with heavy purple undertones is just a magnificent muted pastel perfect for spring.  The holo is outrageous but not disco-ball-in-your-face outrageous.  Subtle enough to wear anywhere yet stunning enough to distract you while driving.  

Here she is in all her glory.

You can purchase Pink Starfish and the rest of the Palm Trees at Night Collection by clicking here.


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  1. That's gorgeous especially that close macro shot of it.

  2. It's an insanely beautiful polish!