Sunday, April 19, 2015

LVX Spring 2015

Some quick swatches of LVX's Spring 2015 collection.  Three are on point for spring: pastels with a twist.  The other three are darker, definitely alternative spring colors for those not ready to give up the vampies just yet.  Take a look.

A bright medium pink, depending on the light, this vacillates between a bubblegum pink to something much more purple based.  Perfect formula, perfect color.  Two coats.

Another perfect creme, Turkoise (yes, that's how it's spelled), this bright green tone aqua is a definite must have.  I've already worn this twice since I received this collection -- love it.  Two coats.

While I love the blue shimmer that ribbons this jelly, Fuchsia really belongs in a Fall 2013 collection when these shimmery deep pinks really took off (remember Opening Night or Mason or Berry Punch?).  Still a pretty color but tends to bleed at the cuticles.  Three coats here.

Another stunner, Camo is a deep olive creme with golden bronze shimmer.  Again, I think this is best suited for a fall/winter collection, but I can easily wait until then to wear this beauty again.  Formula okay, a bit runny but with a color this rich, I can handle the annoyance.  Two coats here.

A shimmery, blue-toned grey, Haze looks almost periwinkle in the sun.  Do I even have to say how much I love this?  Three coats here.

A shimmery black satin creme, this is a bit runny and sheer, leaving bald spots even after three coats.  A nice take on a black but the bald spots had me a bit miffed.  

You can purchase the LVX Spring 2015 Collection by clicking here.


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  1. Very nice! I like that there's a variety of finishes and colors in here too.