Thursday, April 30, 2015

Colores de Carol Beach Boys Collection | Summer 2015

One of the best parts of warmer weather is seeing all the neons everywhere!  The bright colors scream beach days and bathing suits, and Colores de Carol beautifully captured that essence in the Beach Boys Collection for Summer 2015.

A word of warning: these are all AMAZING.  For the most part, each required only one coat for opacity without any need for white undies.  Truly an accomplishment in polish making, I must say.  However, please don't don't allow my shoddy photography to blight these marvelous neons: they are hella bright and freaked out my camera tremendously.  I tried super hard to make these as color accurate as possible (to the detriment of my skin tone, so my apologies for how my skin looks in these pictures), but trust me when I say these are gorgeous.  If you'd like individual shots of any of these, please contact me directly and I'm happy to try to take more shots in the hope that they are more color accurate and help inform any purchase decisions you might want to make.

Now onto the polishes!

California Girl
One coater here!  California Girl is a medium Barbie pink that appears slightly more red here than it actually is.  Staple neon pink any polish lovers collection requires.

I Get Around
While not one coat, I Get Around is a bit more green than this photo allows.  Think less yellow undertones and more lime.  Brighter than bright.

All Summer Long
While All Summer Long looks red, it's actual a traffic cone orange neon.  Anther one coater that I loved!

Sail on Sailor
Two coats for Sail on Sailor.  This is stunning and a tad darker in real life.

Surfin' USA
A red-toned neon pink, Surfin' USA literally blinded my camera.  Took some finagling to get this color to even show up on my computer!

Fun Fun Fun
I love neon purples and Fun Fun Fun is why!  Bright yet wearable, it's a tad more violet in real life (think more red toned than blue toned).  Isn't she a beaute?

Do You Wanna Dance?
And the one that made my camera go kaput was Do You Wanna Dance?, which looks like the traffic cone color All Summer Long actually is.  This is very yellow-toned and only needed one coat.

Good Vibrations
To end with a bang, we have Good Vibrations, a fabulous highlighter yellow.  This required three coats for opacity but that's pretty good for a neon and a yellow.  Must have for summer!

I cannot apologize enough to Carolina for not giving this amazingly beautiful polishes the adequate photography they deserve.  I promise to try better in the future but neons are not a blogger's friend.  Trust me though when I say that this is a collection that warrants owning in its entirety!!

You can purchase the Beach Boys Collection by clicking here.


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  1. I love neons and colores de Carol!! Great post girl, keep it up!!

  2. Well these are going to be a delightul nightmare to swatch, lol.

  3. Well put and totally accurate.

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  4. Thank you so much Amanda, your swatches are great!